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Kushis Studio has carefully selected and fully-trained a team of talented Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists.At Kushis Makeup Studio we make it easy for our clients. It’s a one stop shop for all your beauty needs!Kushis Makeup Studio is one of the largest Makeup & Hair Studios in MYSORE.We service just under 100 weddings per year and many other special events.With our experience and expertise you can feel confident in your decision to book with us!




Kushi has always had a strong love and passion for the art of Makeup. She’s been doing makeup/hair for the past 3 years but really her love for makeup began when she was just a toddler. Upon graduating High School Kushi immediately pursued her passion and enrolled in a private college, the School Of Professional Makeup Arts. This is where she got her Diploma in Advance Makeup Arts, Airbrush, and Hair Styling. Since graduating Makeup School she has worked in many different avenues of Makeup & Hair- including bridal, editorial, TV, fashion, and stage. Jen eventually achieved her goal of opening up her own beauty studio, Kushi Makeup Studio. 

Kushi is a perfectionist and doesn’t let a client leave her chair unless every detail on their face is absolutely picture-perfect. She spends a lot of time on each and every client, because quality means way more to her then quantity does. Her work is always described as extremely detailed. She goes above and beyond to make sure her client walks away feeling their absolute prettiest.


Kushis Beauty & Bridal Makeup, #96, Preethi Building, Vijay Nagar Stage II, Near Water Tank, Mysore, 570017

+91- 9901088551 / 8867434436 / 9000000857


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